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Find a Good Furniture Removalist

Just in case you’ve never been through the experience of moving home before – for a lot of people it is one of the more stressful things in life they go through. So that’s why finding a good removalist is so important.

The mistake that most people make when looking for a removalist (or any service for that matter) is looking for the cheapest price. Everyone likes to know that they are getting good value for money, but the thing to remember is that “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”! While it is not always the case, the really cheap services will usually come with their catches – they will not be careful with your furniture, they won’t wrap and protect it, they may not be careful about avoiding bumping or scratching walls, etc. They may also be uninsured, so if anything happens to your furniture or the moving truck is involved in an accident, your items will not be covered.

What to look for in a removalist:

Do they sound confident and (more importantly) honest on the phone? Or are they talking your head off, trying to confuse you with they pricing structure and not explaining what any of it means? Hidden costs, such as quoting pricing without adding sales tax is how a lot of these businesses will getyou. What you are looking for is a small to medium sized business, one where you speak to the person on the phone who will actually be doing your house removal or at least the owner of the business. You can usually get a pretty good idea, just from the way they speak about how honest and genuine they are.

After talking to them and doing some research if you can about their business. Do they seem like a reasonable business or are they are an unregistered business, doing work on the weekend, completely uninsured just to make some extra money.

Finding a removalist:

So how do you find a good furniture removalist or home removalist and still get value for money? Don’t go with the big businesses – you are likely pay too much.

The problem with bigger businesses is that:

1. They have big overheads (and you’ll have to help pay their bills by paying a higher rate than you could get elsewhere)

2. The person you talk to on the phone is probably in a call centre and knows nothing about removals, apart from how to take the booking

3. The workers and staff are often getting minimum wage and do not have any interest in working hard or looking after your items

Ask friends and family who have moved recently. There is only so much you can know about a business by looking at their ads or talking to them on the phone. You won’t know how careful they are or how well they work until they are actually doing the removal. However, if you are able to speak to someone who has moved with them previously, you will get a much better idea about what they are like.

Here’s a quick list of things to ask on the phone:

* What are your rates, including any sales tax?

* Does this rate include insurance?

* Is there a call our fee at all?

* Do you have a minimum charge?

* Do you charge more for public holidays, weekends, etc.?

If they struggle to answer any of these questions, or make excuses, they probably have something to hide… Try someone else!

Many people do not know that doing removals is actually quite an involved skill and assume that any labourer is able to pick it up in a couple of hours. This is simply not the case. Moving through those tight doorways, up and down stairs, without scratching or damaging anything requires some skill and experience. Not to mention packing the truck to use all available space effectively, whilst making sure nothing will be damaged in transit.


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iba approved packers and movers udaipur
iba packers and movers udaipur
iba approved movers and packers udaipur