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Small Size Moves – Quick Pick Movers Melbourne Now With a Van

There’s a great new addition at Quick Pick Movers, we now have a brand new fleet of small vans to help accommodate small size moves. These vans are an excellent for those small jobs such as moving an office or a room .The vans are great because they provide a great service for people who have a few belongings to move, which maybe too much for the family car, or too little for a moving truck. The vans are an alternative option to the larger trucks and so they give the customer the power of choice when it comes to smaller moves. These vans were acquired because we recognized a customer need for them, we realized our customers not only needed the larger trucks for those big moves, but also the smaller less expensive vans for the smaller moves they may have. The vans are perfect for things like a few pieces of furniture, maybe some boxes of stored goods or office equipment.

We recently had the pleasure of helping a few university students make the move out of the family home and into their own place. The vans came in handy; they were exactly what the students needed. They were the right size for the amount of goods to be move and they were also affordable for the student’s budget. Being students they were still trying to get on their own feet and the vans came in handy accommodating to all their needs.

The students told us about how they had planned to move out of home from the time they were at High School. They had always wanted to be independent and they had Packers and Movers Ahmedabad mapped out their future. They focused mainly on the fact that they would always be there for each other, they wanted to make sure they would all one day, be successful. They would sit around at lunch time and discuss what life would be like after they finished school, and all the things they wanted to do They wanted to go to University and get their degrees, but they firstly wanted to take a year off and travel. This was the first part of their independence. The trip was intended not only to have a break and some fun, but the experience would be priceless. As soon as they had finished school they took a trip to Europe for 5 months, and it was the trip of a lifetime, they all had so much fun, and experienced their first taste of independence.

When they got back it was time for them to start thinking about settling down, back to the reality of the next phase of their life. It was time for them to consider where they were going to live, because at that point they were all still living with their families. This was good as it helped with saving money, and the ability to take their time in deciding what they were going to do. After many discussions about different places and areas to live in, it was clear they had to find something central for all involved, just to be fair to everyone. Each student had bits and pieces to contribute to the new place. The parents were helping out with any extra furniture, crockery and household items, so they didn’t need to buy anything and they were all bringing their own bedrooms. It was great how they all worked together and helped each other to make a future for themselves.

It was agreed that because each person only had a small amount of items to be transported, the best idea was to hire a van each, as this would save time and money. Each van would arrive at the family home and the movers would help transfer the furniture and boxes to the new place. Having a small van removalist Melbourne Company can help with all sorts of moving situations, large or small in any area. Our small van Melbourne movers understand that sometimes you may only have a small amount of belongings you need shifting and we are more than happy to oblige. There’s no job too small and we are reasonably priced, which makes these vans so practical. Having cheap movers Melbourne nationwide provides a convenient service for your moving needs where ever you are.

The day of the move the students had prepared everything for the move. They had dismantled the furniture and wrapped and packed the smaller items. When we arrived everything was ready to go so we were able to quickly load the vans making sure all the furniture was secure and well packed. The items were then Packers and Movers Chandigarh transported easily to the new place and once there the vans were carefully unloaded and the movers carried everything into the new home. With the students working together and helping each other the move was done quickly. Everyone was able to settle into the place easily and by the end of the day they were too happy to feel tired. Everything had really gone to plan and they were on their way to the next stage in their life. It was great the new small vans had been perfect for the move and an asset to the company.


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iba approved packers and movers tirupur
iba packers and movers tirupur
iba approved movers and packers tirupur