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Storage Tips For Corporate Re-locations

While corporate relocations where a company hires a new employee and then pays the cost to move that employee to a new location are not as prevalent as they once were, they still happen with enough frequency that moving and storage companies, particularly the larger agencies associated with top tier moving companies, will have one or more employees that focus on this aspect of moving.

More common are corporate re-locations that involve and executive of a large corporation moving to assume some role in the company’s office in another city.

Even though large corporations have the clout to negotiate better rates with moving companies than the average individual does, corporate re-locations are a lucrative source of revenue for moving companies, one that they pursue aggressively.

The reason behind this is that moves of this nature commonly involve many moving services: packing, transportation of household goods, warehousing of those items while the relocated executive occupies temporary housing prior to purchasing a new house, and then moving of the stored goods to the final destination. Some moving companies have even evolved to the degree that they provide what are referred to as concierge services, where they assist the moving party with such details as turning off utilities at the origin and arranging for them to be hooked up at the destination.

For a person involved in the above scenario, one of the issues that requires at least of modicum of diligence is that regarding how and where their household goods will be stored until the question of the final destination is resolved.

The generally accepted practice is that peoples’ furniture and other goods will be stored in the destination city, although it is not unheard of for them to be stored temporarily at the origin location for a time prior to being sent along to the destination. This scenario is one of which the moving party should be aware, with the strategy here being to do everything possible to avoid it. More handling of items simply increases the odds of damage, and the breakage liability insurance provided by moving companies is typically minimal, far from sufficient to replace damaged items, since they are based on current value as opposed to purchase price. This is an important consideration to make if the moving company will be handling and storing anything that has sentimental value.

The other thing of which to be aware with regard to storage service is the presence or absence of climate controlled storage facilities. The factor that works in favor of the moving party here is that corporate human resource relocation employees are aware of this facet of the process, and typically have negotiated relocation contracts with movers to the extent that climate controlled storage facilities are a given.

As a moving party, remember to approach corporate relocation with the attitude that you have a say in how your possessions will be handled by the moving company. You will have some direct contact with them, so do not hesitate to involve your company’s relocation specialist if you are receiving less than favorable arrangements.


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iba approved packers and movers thane
iba packers and movers thane
iba approved movers and packers thane