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Planning Ahead: The Most Important Advice For Moving Home

Even though moving houses can be as exciting for anyone, the actual activity is basically a tiring and a daunting process. Without proper organizational skills, moving can be time-consuming and extremely exhausting. This is the reason why planning ahead is needed as it makes the whole process easier and smoother. When we say ‘planning ahead’, this does not mean a few days or few weeks before the actual moving day. Instead, it involves approximately six weeks prior.

Week 1

One important advice for moving home is to check out the new place on the first week before leaving the present location. Checking out the space, the number of rooms, and the attic can help you estimate the number of things you can bring to the new house. It can also help you consider the things you can put on garage sale and the things you need to Packers and Movers Ahmedabad dispose. Moreover, checking the new house can give the person the opportunity to clean and dispose of any unwanted items left by the previous dwellers.

Week 2

On the second week, you should dedicate some of your time in arranging the schedule for the moving company. Make sure that the vehicle will be ready for the big day as it is important not to cause you even a day’s delay. As for the sorting of things, one advice for moving home is to divide house supplies into the “essentials” and “non-essentials.” The non-essentials should be the first to be packed because they are not for immediate use. Also, in sorting out things, you have to put appropriate labels to each box or package. The fragile ones should be sufficiently marked in order for the movers to treat them with care. The boxes for clothing and beddings should also be marked so that they will not be cramped inside the van which can damage, tear, or crumple the textiles.

Week 3

During the third week, you should be able to check your logistics and the insurance of the new place. Will the street or community allow long-time parking hours? Are home contents secured by insurance? Checking even the smallest detail can help eliminate hassles and ensure everything will go on smoothly when you are already there.

Week 4

As for the fourth week, this should be dedicated into switching accounts for gas, electricity, and internet connections to the new address. This should also be the time to inform the service companies about the change of your address. This is very important because it dismisses common problems like mails and packages sent to wrong addresses.

Week 5

It is during the fifth week when the actual packing should be done. One advice for Packers and Movers Chandigarh moving home is to pack things into different boxes according to their use and fragility. A box should be dedicated to kitchen utensils like knives and forks and another one for breakables like plates and glasses. Home appliances like televisions and computers are better packed in their original boxes because they fit perfectly and these boxes come with extra safety tools like bubble wrap and Styrofoam supports.


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iba approved packers and movers singrauli
iba packers and movers singrauli
iba approved movers and packers singrauli