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Checklist to an Effective and Stress-Free Moving House Activity

Moving house takes a lot of time and effort so as much as possible, preparing for the transfer must be done approximately six weeks before the big day. In preparing for house moving, the first thing that must be done is to sort out things.

Start with the part of the house that has the most “junk” and stocked items like the attic or the garage. In sorting out things, only keep those which you think you can still use or those which have very high sentimental value. Pack the things from the garage and the attic on different boxes so that you’ll have an easier time unpacking by simply putting the boxes on their respective rooms. Once the things in the attic and the garage are arranged, the next things to settle are your personal concern like the changing of your mailing address and arranging for the termination services of your utilities. Examples of these services are your telephone services, water and electricity services, insurance companies and financial institutions or banks.

If you already contracted a moving company for your movement, you should always notify their management whenever you want changes or make decisions with regards to your moving house activity. You can request for free cartons so that you can start packing earlier. For fragile things which may need special packing like pianos and expensive paintings, inform your moving company about these so that they can arrange the packaging themselves. Also, if you will be hiring a moving company, you still need to decide which things you will pack and can move for yourself. If you have valuable plants and the state law where you will be moving do not allow moving of houseplants, it is better to give them away to friends or sell them to people at cheaper price. Pets should also have special transportation arrangements. Before moving them, however, they should be taken to a veterinarian to make sure that their rabies inoculations and health certificates are updated since some states require veterinarian accredited papers for pets.

Two weeks before moving house, all computer files should already have back-up files so that in case something goes wrong on the disassembling and assembling of the computer system in the new house you can still have backup. You should personally transport all discs because they can be destroyed when exposed to extreme temperatures. Cleaning fluids should also be packed at this time, sealed and stored in non-flammable plastic bags. Tools with oil and gasoline such as snow blowers, lawn mowers, and power tools should be drained of oil and gasoline to make sure they can be transported safely without the leak and without the contamination of other goods. Requesting for utility services to be disconnected need to be arranged, so you can pack unused appliances and electronics.

One week before the actual moving, gas, electric cables, and telephone services should have been settled and ready for your new address. A day before moving, pack a box of necessities which you will need the moment you arrive in your new home such as cleaning supplies, disposable utensils, plates and cups, trash bags, and bathroom items. This is very necessary because with this ready package you will not need to open boxes to look for items you need the moment you arrive. You should carry this “box of necessities” yourself or ask the moving driver to load it last and unload it first for easy access.


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iba approved packers and movers shimoga
iba packers and movers shimoga
iba approved movers and packers shimoga