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Are You Planning a Move? Here’s What You Need to Know About Moving Materials & Packing
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Instead of being an experience that homeowners usually look forward to, it becomes an experience that they dread due to the 101 little details associated with moving. Starting from gathering of the packing materials, sorting through the items that need to be packed, to the packaging and the moving itself – it all seems to be a task that is difficult for one person to handle.

But this should not be the case at all. As long as you have organized everything prior to the move, you will be able to Packers and Movers Jaipur successfully transfer all of your personal possessions from one place to another.

It All Starts with the Packing Materials & Supplies

The minute that you finalize the date of your move, that is when the packing should start. It is a good idea to reserve one room in the house where you can do all the packing. Start with the non-essential items first. Give yourself at least two weeks prior to the move date to pack everything up.

Now, what exactly are the packing materials and supplies that you will need? Naturally, you would need a lot of carton boxes which you can use to store all of your things.

Collect moving boxes from your relatives, friends and even the local grocery store. Just make sure that the boxes are still sturdy enough for you to reuse, otherwise the bottom of a box that you packed might fall off if the content becomes a tad too heavy.

The other packing supplies that you need include:

– Tissue paper or craft paper

– Bubble wrap for packing fragile items

– Packing tape & gummed tape

– Colored markers, pencil & notebook

– Used newspapers, blankets or old area rugs which you can use as ‘fillers’ for carton boxes

– Cutter, a pair of scissors or a sharp knife

After sorting out the things that you will bring along with you, make sure to clearly label all the boxes. It would help if you will use colored labels to identify which boxes go to the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Random Packing Pointers for You to Remember

Now that you have an idea about how you can organize your packing supplies and materials, here are a lot of random packing pointers which you can use during your move:

– Again, make sure that the boxes are clearly labeled and do your packing well ahead of your move date.

– When packing items on individual boxes, place the heavier things on the bottom and the lighter things on top.


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iba approved packers and movers rohru
iba packers and movers rohru
iba approved movers and packers rohru