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A Roll Up Stand is Used For Exhibiting at Trade Shows

For a quick attention-getting visual display at an exhibition, trade show, conference, or product launch, a roll up stand is an effective way of displaying an exhibitor’s product or service. These stylish stands are light weight and portable taking only a minute to set up in any location. A padded carry case is supplied to protect the roll up banner stand. Whenever any product or service needs to be displayed, the exhibitor will always be prepared. Simply roll it up the banner and place the pole at the base of the back to complete the display.

This display equipment includes a mechanism that automatically rolls the graphic display into the base unit. This stand is very easy to set up because it simply rolls out and snaps into place. Using a design like this protects the banner image when transporting because the display rolls up into the chamber in the base. Use a case when shipping because the standard nylon bag probably will not protect the display from abuses during shipping.

Single sided, double sided and electric stands are available. Outdoor retractable displays are designed to withstand strong winds. Packers and Movers Ahmedabad Retractable table top displays open up horizontally. Retractable banner stands are described by their width, with 33.4 inches and 31.4 inches being most common and the easiest to carry. Pull up banner widths are 39.4 inches and 47.25 inches which can be combined together to form a display back wall. There are also five, six, and eight feet wide as well as ten feet high banner stands. Typical banner stand graphics are 79 inches or 84 inches high because exhibit centers often limit display heights to 96 inches. Many display stands have up to a five year guarantee.

Standard printed banner materials used for a retractable banner stand are either polyvinyl-based or polyester-based (fabric banner). Standard vinyl materials and laminated banners may curve on the edges over time so special vinyl materials are selected to limit curving. Banners can be smooth lightweight banner vinyl, waterproof and printed with UV resistant inks.

Roll up banner stands have many new features such as a “no curl” premium smooth display canvas producing excellent color presentation for visual impact. The new display canvas remains completely flat. Fabric banners will not curve overtime but may not appear as opaque as other materials. A high resolution white banner film with a mat lamination finish produces super quality graphics.

This equipment is usually heavier than other stands because it has a roll-up mechanism. A lot of this equipment has adjustable height poles so that the display size can be changed according to the exhibitor’s needs. A person using an economical retractable display can’t quickly change their banner. Careful steps are required to remove the banner and replace it. The graphic bottom is attached with a leader to the spring-loaded base using two-sided tape overlapped with packing tape. The banner top is attached to the horizontal graphic holder using two-sided tape or a clamp. When removing the old banner, a person needs to make sure that the rewinding mechanism is secured to prevent the spring from unloading.

When different audiences are being targeted and an exhibitor wants to change the graphic frequently, a person can now swap several banner cartridges by loading them inside a single base quick screen display. Some luxury roll up banner stands come with an easy-to-change clamping system that doesn’t require purchasing an additional retractable cartridge.

Most stands are made of aluminum, however can be made of aluminum, plastic, chrome and steel. There is luxury Packers and Movers Chandigarh equipment in which the pole can be put in the roll up base. The main features of a new luxury equipment is the ability to adjust the graphic tightly or loosely with an adjustable knob on the roller, there are chrome end caps, the pole can be easily hidden in the bottom of a roll up base and the stand uses a telescopic pole. Banner stand lights are compact halogen lights that clip onto the pole and pack easily in their case. Lighting makes a big difference and attracts a viewer’s eye.


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iba approved packers and movers rajnandgaon
iba packers and movers rajnandgaon
iba approved movers and packers rajnandgaon