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Tips to Make Moving Easier

Whether it’s a college bound young adult heading for a dorm or apartment for the first time, new Chicago condo buyer or retired couple downsizing, moving can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of a person’s life. Your move could be just across town or across the country, but the basic tips for making it as safe and simple as possible are the same. You do need a little more planning than just cardboard boxes and duct tape, but if you follow a few standard moving tips, you can get unpacked faster and relax in your new home.

If your move is to a new condo of loft a few blocks away, you may not feel the need to hire a professional moving service. But if you’re moving into any of these new construction Chicago condos from several states away, a moving company may be the easiest way to go if you can afford it. Check with the developer of your condo and they should be able to recommend a dependable moving company. Most professional movers will have a standard contract that you work with and it’s very important to read it thoroughly and verify that everything you verbally agreed to is covered in the actual written papers. You should have specific terms for mileage, time frame, whether or not stairs are involved, liability insurance and even if tips are expected.

Keep in mind that most moving companies will not transport pets or plants, basically anything that is alive. You’ll need to make arrangements for them separately, and both pets and plants can become chilled if left in the house your are moving from while movers are going in and out during cold weather. The best plan is to spare them from the stress and either board them or have a friend keep them until the move is complete. A large number of cats and dogs will run away in the confusion, so it’s important to keep them safe.

We’ll cover tips if you are packing your own household items, but if movers are doing the packing for you, you should be on site to generally be aware of what’s happening without getting in the way. And no matter if you are moving yourself or have hired professionals, it’s always advisable to keep any personal items or valuables such as jewelry with you and not in a random box. That also goes for important paperwork such as loan or mortgage documents, car or land titles, birth certificates or passports and prescription medications.

Once the movers have arrived and are unloading your boxes and furniture, be sure to inspect everything as best you can for any damage. If any boxes are dented or crushed those of course should be opened immediately. And boxes that contain breakables should be opened anyway to make sure everything is in one piece. All of that should be done before you sign any receipt stating you received your items in good condition.

For packing items yourself, bigger is not better. Boxes should be kept at no more than 40 or 50 pounds, less if you can’t comfortably handle ones that big. Sturdy cardboard and clear plastic tape work best and are less likely to break. If you can swing it, plastic storage bins come in many sizes and are great for clothing, dishes, or anything you want to keep especially protected. Bubble wrap is ideal, but newspaper works as well. And don’t count out using towels or other linens to line layers of dishes or cookware. Since all of those items are clean to begin with, it’s a good match and the packing material is one less thing you have to pack.

Labeling each box as you pack it is vital to avoid confusion once you are in your new home. Specifically stating which room in bold letters is a good start, but adding a few details can save time if you’re searching for something specific. It’s also a good idea to make a list or calendar page and plan on packing a room a day or get on some sort of schedule so you aren’t trying to pack everything at the last minute. And if you’re driving a rented moving van, remember that a larger vehicle requires more break time so don’t follow another car too closely. Also, be aware of how tall the van or trailer is and don’t get hung up beneath gas station canopies, a drive-through or other places that don’t have enough clearance. Moving on a weekday can help you avoid weekend traffic, plus offices like banks and city utilities are open if you have a problem.

A few things to remember before you move include opening a new bank account if you’re moving to a new city. Many banks require that you have an account for at least 30 days before they will cash a check, so open one before you move. Get copies of all of your medical records, vet records and children’s school records. Don’t forget to have your driver’s license updated, too. And when having phone, cable or electric and water service disconnected from your old home, arrange for a date a day or two after your planned move in case you are there longer than you anticipate. The same goes for your new condo or house. Have the utilities turned on several days before you expect to arrive to insure that everything works when you get there.


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iba approved packers and movers pimpri chinchwad
iba packers and movers pimpri chinchwad
iba approved movers and packers pimpri chinchwad