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Guide To Home Moving Packing

You’ve decided to take the decision to move home, now comes the arduous task of packing up all of your accumulated belongings, here’s a quick guide to help you through the process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving a 5 bedroom house or a one bedroom flat, packing is an essential and time consuming part of any house move. Therefore, don’t leave packing until the removal courier comes. You can start packing used items early (these are normally a lot more than you think!). As the relocating date gets nearer, you can start packing the more important and bulkier items.

It is recommended to not to pack legal and important documents with general household items as they might get lost! Instead, keep them in a safe place.

Useful materials for Packers and Movers Jaipur packing

Useful packing materials when you move house include: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, high quality cardboard papers, tape and tape guns. Although very cheap and easily available, newspapers are not really reliable when it comes to protecting your items in moving house. Good home removals companies normally have these materials beforehand so this can be a good reason to choose a full-service removal option. If your chosen removals company is a man and van operator then you normally have to buy packing materials separately.

A quick word on how to pack different items

You should treat different items differently when packing them. For fragile items it is recommended to use protective material such as bubble wrap or newspapers and make sure you cover the entire item. Wrapped items are better to be in the same box as this will provide more resistance from physical shocks.

Cardboard boxes are the most common material in house removals. Make sure you have good selection of packing boxes in different sizes.

Medium sized cardboard boxes are normally for small, heavy items such as books. Large boxes can be used to fill with lighter, bulky items. The best option for heavy and bulky items such as televisions will be to use their original boxes. If you do not have it, then use a lot of bubble wrap to protect the item.

Remember to tape around the boxes to keep them together throughout the move and empty space in boxes with mixed items should be filled with paper of other soft material to prevent damages

For valuable items and items which need special treatment such as furniture, wine bottles, china, crockery and glass, take some time to do some research over the Internet to find the appropriate packing materials.

Marking boxes

Do remember to label every box in numeric system with item descriptions, the place where it will be and caution markings such as Fragile etc. This helps the moving company know which box goes where, how to handle them and your life easier when unpacking the boxes.

Before you have packed it is important to have organised a removal company. If you are moving internationally you will of course expect the process to be slightly harder and you will need to know a few words here and there to get by.

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iba approved packers and movers north lakhimpur
iba packers and movers north lakhimpur
iba approved movers and packers north lakhimpur