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Making the Big Move After Graduation

College graduation is a fun, exciting and momentous event in your life but it can also be equally stressful- it also means saying goodbye to good friends that you have made along the way, anxiety on a new job, or perhaps preparing yourself for graduate studies. The last thing that every graduate student should be worrying about is to figure out the main logistics of moving, whether it be to a new metro, state or perhaps just down the street.

Students often collect plenty of textbooks, souvenirs, and furniture during the duration of their college career. There are plenty of college students that choose to relocate after their graduation. Here are several tips to help you with your moving project right after college graduation.

Cleaning out an Apartment or a Dorm Room

Students definitely attract plenty of belongings during their time in the university or college. It is quite surprising how a small dorm Packers and Movers Ahmedabad or student apartment can accumulate and hold in a few years. Before you even pack up during the last weeks or days in college, it would be wise to do some evaluating of your stuff and belongings. Go through all your textbooks and class readings. Make around three piles: keep & transport, sell back to bookstores and donate to classmates/friends & family members. Books can be very heavy to move so make sure you only keep the meaningful and useful ones.

Purge your closet for worn out and rarely used clothes. As a general rule of thumb, if you have clothing that has been barely used in a year, then it should be donated or thrown otherwise. Schedule a room cleaning activity at least once a week for you to avoid chaos at the end of the school year. Aside from giving you the opportunity to get rid of all your unwanted and unused stuff, cleaning out your apartment or room is also a good way of moving on and saying goodbye to the long college years. When you are bringing along items to a donation center, make sure you print out an estimated value sheet that will help you with taxes later on.

Preparing for the Big Move

When you are leaving town as a graduate, there is a lot more that needs to be done aside from packing up your boxes and driving away. A month before your planned move in date, make sure you have already filed for a change of address from the post office and IRS. Notify your friends, college offices, family, physician, insurance Packers and Movers Chandigarh companies, newspaper/magazine subscriptions and banks for the address change. Don’t forget to inform your utility company as well with regards to the move and make sure that all your utilities will be activated as soon as you arrive at the new location.

Searching for Moving Companies

Whether you are looking for California or New Jersey movers online,it would be vital that you check whether these firms are licensed or insured. Find a professional moving company that has a reputable experience in the industry. Never hesitate to ask for referrals from these companies.


Domestic Relocation

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Commercial Relocation

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iba approved packers and movers nathdwara
iba packers and movers nathdwara
iba approved movers and packers nathdwara