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Properly Securing a Piano For Shipping Or Transportation

There is a rather funny commercial that shows two moving men attempting to hoist a piano through a high rise window. They slip up and the poor baby grand falls and breaks into hundred of pieces. The workmen deliver these pieces to the comically startled owner and ask her where to put the destroyed instrument.

While the commercial was played for humor, the reality is, a piano is an expensive investment that would be painful to lose. Whether you are a teacher or a lover of music, damage to you piano can is a rather unacceptable thought.

This is why special considerations will have the made for something as large and delicate as a piano when relocating, especially if you plan to move it yourself.

‘Packing’ the piano

Whether your piano is an upright or a baby grand, you want to ensure that your precious cargo gets to its Packers and Movers Ahmedabad destination unharmed. One way to do this is to ‘pack’ it. By packing we don’t mean find a box big enough to fit a Steinway in. Nor would it be feasible to crate the item, unless it was going to be in the cargo hold of ship.

No, proper packing simply means to wrap the piano in a soft, padded cloth which can be secured with packing or duct tape. This will keep the piano from getting the edges chipped as it is shifted from place to place. It will also ensure it won’t get banged around in the moving van.

Lifting equipment for the piano

Any job worth doing is worth doing well and in this case, that includes preparing a piano for transport. In order to get the job doing right, you will need the appropriate tools. A DIY piano mover can find such supplies at any moving company. Some piano shops may also be able to tell you where to get the appropriate equipment.

The equipment would often include.

– Moving dolly. Certain pianos, like an upright will need a specific type of dolly so be sure to ask about this prior to renting or purchasing any equipment.

– Movers straps. Straps used for moving pianos have to be made of a durable material. Experts suggest the use of cotton three ply straps. Make sure the straps you buy come with buckles. If not, you will have to buy them separately.

– Furniture pad and moving blankets. Although a thick, padded comforter can work as well, moving blankets are especially made for protecting heavy furniture and instruments.

– Piano leg covers. As the name implies, these handy items go over the piano legs to protect them from damage during your move.

Equipment like dollies and straps will be used at the starting location as well as the destination facility, so be sure to keep them where you can easily locate them after removal from your home or business.

Securing the piano for transport

You will definitely need a truck with a hydraulic lift gate to get the piano onto the vehicle. If you don’t have a tuck with hydraulic gate on it, you can rent a lift that will fit a large truck.

With the help of several friends (or hired movers) wheel the piano onto the lift gate, then push the piano into the furthermost corner of the moving van. If you can, try to anchor the piano to the wall with two or more carefully placed straps. Once you make sure the piano cannot move at all, you are done!

Play it again Sam

Once you get the piano to the appropriate spot in your home or business, you hopefully won’t have to worry about moving it again for a number of years. On the in case, be sure to store your piano moving accessories in an easily accessible area. That way you can have the available when you need them, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what song to play for guests during your next piano based function.


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iba approved packers and movers madurai
iba packers and movers madurai
iba approved movers and packers madurai