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What Do You Need to Move Your Kennel Smoothly?

Moving with your kennel can be a daunting task if you don’t know what’s needed to make you move effectively. Whether you are moving with a professional packing and removals company or alone, there are some rules which apply from time to time. To start with, the age of your dog is an important consideration. The dog should be at least 8 weeks old and should have been completely weaned before moving out on air. This is a strict requirement that should be adhered to at any time. Even if you hand over your dog to long beach movers, this consideration will be taken into consideration since they will still have to move your dog by air.

The compartment or the kennel that holds your dog should meet certain minimum standards. The size, cleanliness and the ventilation should satisfy the minimum standards that have been set. You can obtain the relevant advice concerning this from the long beach movers as they have assisted many of their clients get their dogs booked in airlines before. By doing this, you will appreciate the correctness of the information that you will be offered which will contribute to making your move a smooth and easy one. The kennel should also be strong as this is necessary to avoid the cases of the dog being trampled upon.

To be able to move out with your dog, it’s necessary that the kennel should allow the dog to stand up in its natural Packers and Movers Ahmedabad position. It should also make it possible t for the dog to lie and move a little bit while inside. There are objects that could cause the injury of your animal while on transit hence the kennel should be very strong to withstand that.

On the sanitation part of it, long beach movers will not accept a kennel that does not have a solid floor. The floor should be covered with a material that can easily absorb any urine or any other discharge. Sub floors that are made of materials that can let in air are allowed but there are some materials that are strictly prohibited as the floor materials. Among them are the peg boards. The use of materials that helps to provide the highest levels of cleanliness for the traveling animal is highly encouraged.

At least 14 percent of the total wall space should be open to provide the necessary ventilation for the moving animal. There must be rims to assist in ensuring that other cargo in transit so not blocks the ventilation holes that are available. Enough clearance should be available as failure to achieve this will increase the chance of the dog suffocating.

The professional packing and removals staff risk having their hands bitten by the animal in transit if there is no Packers and Movers Chandigarh place to handle while loading and offloading the animal. This can be prevented by ensuring that the right external handles are fitted to enable the long beach movers handle the kennel well.


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iba approved packers and movers scity
iba packers and movers scity
iba approved movers and packers scity