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What is the Average Cost of Moving?

Whether or not you chose to hire the genius businessman who thought of turning moving into business, you will no doubt incur unavoidable costs when relocating. Many of these costs are hidden, and probably not something you’re prepared for. Not only that, trying to get the lowest price for moving services or products can in turn have you paying more in the end (i.e. think lousy boxes that shatter your wedding china and movers who chose to ‘throw’ instead of ‘pass’ furniture).

Here are costs you’ll be looking at when moving:

The moving truck, and the movers. If you hire professional movers, they will charge based on either distance or the amount of stuff you have, plus the expected tip, which is at least $20. There are horror stories of moving companies who offer cheap rates but treat your belongings like trash or, even worse, hijack everything until you pay a ransom to get them back. That being said, go with a reputable company, checking out their credentials, even if it means more money up front.

If you get friends to help, you not only have to pay for the rental truck, but you’ll need to consider how to repay the Packers and Movers Ahmedabad favour, be it as little as pizza on moving day or a thank you gift afterwards.

Special items. If you own things like pianos, pool tables and cars, that require special care or moving equipment, expect extra charges that can go up by the hundreds. However, beware that the advantages of a professional mover handling the $6000 grand piano far exceeds the price for safety and peace of mind.

Insurance. Your regular homeowner’s insurance may not cover moves, so you’ll have to purchase some, likely from the moving company you’re dealing with. Always discuss the insurance policy with the moving company beforehand so there are no surprises. Take pictures of your belongings, especially the valuables, before the move. Print them and mail them to yourself to prove their former condition. That’s an extra $10 or $20 for photos right there.

Packing material. This is where the little odds and ends add up. Professional moving boxes can cost around $2 each. When you add furniture padding, tape and bubble wrap you’re looking at a couple hundred dollars. If you don’t have a dolly you’ll need to rent or buy one. Yes, you can improvise by using couch cushions as padding and hunting down apple boxes at the grocery store, but you may not find enough.

Gas. Trucks guzzle up a lot of petroleum! The farther your move, the more you can expect your gas costs to be. Not only that, you may be driving your own vehicles at least once, if not back and forth filled with smaller items. Calculate your gas costs based on mileage, then add a few hundred to that number because you are likely under estimating.

Food. Full days of tiresome moving, when pots and pans are in boxes and stoves aren’t installed means you’ll be eating out a lot. Depending on the distance you’re going, take-out dinners could last days. If you’re traveling across the country, factor in accommodation at hotels too. This is definitely going to go over your monthly grocery bill.


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iba approved packers and movers dharamshala
iba packers and movers dharamshala
iba approved movers and packers dharamshala