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The Ultimate Long Distance Moving Guide

Moving from one state to another state or in a location which is a hundred miles away can be a very arduous task. But don’t let this event overwhelm you and your household. Any long distance move, be it from one state to another or something more than a hundred miles away with international movers, is a situation that is often confusing and complex, especially if this is something that you haven’t done before. Wherever you are heading, a food understanding of the basic rules will help your entire household prepare for the big move. Learn more about how you can make long distance moves easier, smoother and with fewer issues than ever.

So what is a long distance move?

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Long distance move refers to a type of move that happens state to state or a move that is more than a hundred miles within the same state. This kind of move is often billed differently from the local ones. The total cost is based on distance covered and weight of the goods that are moved. Your moving company usually provides an estimate on the latter based on the data that you supply them.

The cost of long distance movers will also depend upon certain characteristics such as:

• If you let the moving company help you with packing your belongings

• Duration of time it takes to unload all your goods to the new location

• The property’s insured value

• Construction structures of the destination (e.g. elevators, stairs)

• Storage of all your goods for interim period before its delivery date

Understanding your Moving Estimates

Binding estimates. The binding estimate of the total expenses for a long distance move will include a comprehensive and complete description of the shipment and all the services that need to be provided by the mover. A moving company may also charge a nominal fee when preparing cost estimates. Unless there are other anticipated charges to the services that will be provided, the estimated cost is the amount that you should pay. Factors that may lead to added charges during your move will include unexpected charges at the destination itself like shuttle/elevator use, long carries and added stairs to climb. All the binding estimates for your total cost should be put into writing and signed by the moving company and yourself for it to be binding. The acceptance of this binding estimate will mean that you need to pay the full amount as soon as the items have been delivered. But if your movers agreed to extend credit, then you can always extend payment duration.

Non binding estimates. These estimates should be free of charge and will just provide you with details for the shipment and other services that will be provided by the company. This estimate will not guarantee you of the amount you have to pay and also doesn’t commit the company with the estimated total amount. Non binding estimates include shipment details and other services by the company. The estimates are also provided in writing and its total cost shouldn’t be more than 10% of the final cost. The remaining charges may be paid up to a month after the delivery of your belongings.


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iba approved packers and movers chirmiri
iba packers and movers chirmiri
iba approved movers and packers chirmiri