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Using Recycled Boxes When Moving
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With the rising concern about our fragile planet, more people are looking for ways to lead environmentally friendly lives. This includes implementing measures to save energy, recycle, and protect our natural resources. Recycling has become a method that everyone can put into practice. When moving to a new home or apartment, people can use recycled boxes to help protect the environment and save money.

There are many reasons why people choose to recycled boxes when moving, including:

• Using recycled boxes cuts down on waste because boxes are used more than once.

• It is environmentally friendly. Up to 65% less energy is required to make new paper from recycled paper than from virgin wood. (U.S. Department of Energy) Every ton of recycled paper saves approximately 17 trees and millions of gallons of water.

• Recycled boxes are the same quality and strength as new boxes.

• There are many economical advantages to using recycled boxes

• Box manufacturers have improved boxes and now make stronger boxes using less material.

• There is a growing demand for old corrugated containers which can economically benefit communities who recycle these containers.

Moving companies that provide recycled boxes choose their boxes from factory surplus boxes, Packers and Movers Jaipur boxes that contain a minor defect such as size, type, or misprint, boxes bought from homeowners who have recently moved, as well as used boxes purchased from other suppliers such as self storage companies and national moving companies.

It is very easy to obtain environmentally friendly packaging. You can use your own recycled newspapers or ask your friends to start saving their papers. For delicate items, you can use recycled paper and grocery bags which are heavier. There are biodegradable pellets that are made from recycled diapers or corn starch. Environmentally friendly packaging also includes recycled plastic wrap, recycled bubble wrap, recycled paper towel, and towels. There are now packing peanuts that are made from recycled material as well as bio degradable materials. Wood pallets are often used when moving or shipping items, however, there are now plastic pallets that are made of recycled products. This not only saves trees but saves you money because you can reuse the pallets.

There are a number of economical advantages to using recycled boxes when moving that include:

Buyback Guarantee: Some moving companies will offer clients a Buyback guarantee for their moving boxes. They will buy the moving boxes back after the customer has finished moving. The price can vary from full purchase price or a percentage of what the customer paid for the boxes.

Take a Box, Leave a Box: Some moving companies will provide a box drop-off location for companies and individuals so that new customers will be able to take the boxes for their own moving needs.

Moving Box Rentals: Use rentals if possible. Some companies will rent boxes and supplies to their customers. The boxes are usually a heavy plastic. Renting boxes eliminates waste.

There are other ways one can obtain recycled moving boxes. Check with supermarkets and other store managers to see if they have extra boxes. If you are unable to obtain used boxes, purchasing new boxes made from 100% recycled materials is a good choice. Boxes made from 100% recycled materials are just as strong as new boxes.


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iba approved packers and movers bhind
iba packers and movers bhind
iba approved movers and packers bhind