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Getting Moving Boxes For a Self Move

Moving yourself is a task that can be made easier by good planning the moving boxes that you will need. How many boxes, what size and where you can get boxes are important steps in planning a move. Clear labeling on the boxes helps when you are depositing them into rooms in your new home. Breaking boxes down and recycling them is one of the important final steps in moving.

Judging how many boxes you will need is a crucial step in the planning process. It is often a good idea to go room by room and figure out categories of items to be packed. Divide dishes from pots and pans. This not only helps figure out how many boxes you will need, but will make things easier to unpack and store in your new home.

New moving boxes typically come in small, medium and large sizes. These boxes are flattened and banded together into bundles of like sizes when you buy them. If you look at the band carefully, you will see a little tab that overlaps the opposite side. By pulling this, the band releases and there is no need to search around for a box cutter to free your boxes and get to work.

Often, it is simplest to purchase new boxes from a moving supply company. They are strong and standard sizes, which helps when loading a moving truck. They have no labels from previous moves and, if you have extras, often times they can be returned to the store for credit.

Sometimes, however, there is no room in the budget for purchasing new boxes. This is where you may have to get creative. Reusing strong boxes, like computer, printer or other small appliance boxes can be a good suggestion. Asking at the grocery store also can yield useful results in banana boxes, or reasonably clean shipping boxes. Sometimes the local liquor store will have good wine cases they might give you.

Once you have gathered together as many boxes as you think you will need, consider packing material. Fragile things, such as glassware, dishes or electronics will be better protected from damage if first wrapped in paper. Very fragile things, like a china set for instance, might be wrapped in paper and separated by Styrofoam popcorn. Paper and popcorn are also available at most moving supply companies.

Have a couple good markers for labeling outside of boxes once you have packed them. Label them by the room they should go to in your new location. If kitchen items, you might wish to be even more specific, adding the type of item in the box. Kitchen, silverware or kitchen, pots can be very helpful the first few nights in a new place.


Domestic Relocation

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Commercial Relocation

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iba approved packers and movers bhadravathi
iba packers and movers bhadravathi
iba approved movers and packers bhadravathi