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Are You Ready For Your Move?

Whether you are plotting a move for the next week or for the next year, it is extremely important to be prepared. To make your move go more smoothly, make sure that you have the right supplies on hand. Good moving supplies can make a huge difference to how efficient your move is, especially when you have a lot of people over to help out. The bigger your move is, the more organized you have to be, so make sure that you have the right supplies around to make your life easier.

First, you are going to need boxes. While you may have memories of moving in garbage bags, garbage bags only really work if you are dealing with a small amount of stuff. If you have more than a studio’s apartment worth of things, you are going to need boxes. Even in a studio apartment, boxes are sturdier and preferable to garbage bags. While you can buy boxes at any office or shipping store, you will also discover that you can get them for free from your grocery store or drug store. These stores receive shipments in cardboard boxes that are simply recycled and many of them are more than happy to give you these discards.

When looking at moving supplies, remember to have tape on hand. While nearly any kind of broad roll of tape will do, packing tape is ideal because it typically comes in a hand-held dispenser with its own cutting edge. This makes sealing up the boxes much easier. If you have two or three people helping you pack, make sure that there are enough rolls of packing tape to go around. It is far better for each person to have their own than it is for everyone to be constantly fetching the single roll over to their work space.

Similarly, make sure that you have markers. A marker allows you to mark the box both with the contents and the location where the box is to be dropped off. For example, a box could be labeled “kitchen” and “silverware.” This helps when you go to unload and unpack the items. Hand a marker to everyone helping you so that they can mark the boxes; to prevent them from getting lost, you can even string them on a ribbon which is then looped over the person’s neck.

Don’t forget that you should keep some newspaper on hand. Newspaper can be used to cushion your delicate items for the move. Wad up the newspaper and stuff it into any empty corners in the boxes. If you forgot about getting newspapers, simply use old clothes to cradle your favorite items. If you want to be extra careful, you can pick up egg crate and bubble wrap from office supply stores or shipping stores.

Having the right moving supplies on hand can go a long way when you want to have a good move. Take some of the stress out of moving and gather your supplies today. It never hurts to be prepared!


Domestic Relocation

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Commercial Relocation

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iba approved packers and movers barnala
iba packers and movers barnala
iba approved movers and packers barnala